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An interactive puzzle adventure that consists of physical postcards that work hand-in-hand with online components!


It is playable from the comfort of your own home as long as you have internet!


Playable with friends and has about 90-180 minutes of gameplay.





Since you were young, you have always excelled in puzzles and would check the newspaper almost every day to do all the brain teasers.


You've always been fascinated by the puzzles and could hardly wait until the following day to see if you got the brain teasers right - 99% of the time you were.


Now grown up, newspaper puzzles don't cut it anymore as your passion has shifted to those things called "Escape Rooms". However recently you have found an ad, it claims that they have a test that only the most brilliant minds can pass.


You know that you were obviously made for this, so you call the number on the ad. The phone number connects to a weird voicemail of a robotic voice that says "wait and check your mail" without asking for your address. Even creepier, it ends with an unusual and ominous statement “A test of great importance, only the worthy shall pass. Are you?”.


Here you are thinking, “I just wanna have fun & solve puzzles. This is kinda sketchy, maybe I should back out now". but that was 3 days ago and here you are now, mail in hand... I guess it's a bit too late now.


* RUZE Escape Rooms is not responsible for any damages incurred during shipping.



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