Project: Genesis


“Mr. E”, the notorious, elusive, and white-hat-wearing villain has stolen items from history. His motives? Unclear. But one thing's for certain, the T.Y.M.E. Corporation needs to act immediately and mobilize a team to fix the timeline before history itself gets rewritten.


With T.Y.M.E. Corp's best efforts the items have been successfully recovered! Only problem is that the container the items are currently in is locked with a complex self-destructing mechanism and can only be opened with the correct code. A trusted “intel” states that Mr. E has hidden clues through time to successfully and safely open the container.


As top agents of T.Y.M.E. Corp, your mission is to go back in time to follow Mr. E's tracks, successfully recover the items, and return them all where they belong to restore the timeline. Just remember we can only keep the time portal open for an hour, if you don't make it back before that, you will become part of history itself...

Group size:

2-7 (Recommended 4-6)


8.5/10 (15% Escape Rate)

Project: bloom



For a very long time, T.Y.M.E. Corp has been pursuing “Mr. E”, the most notorious, elusive, and white-hat-wearing villain. Finally, their efforts has come into fruition. T.Y.M.E. CORP has managed to make a connection between the corporations Time Portal and Mr. E's Time Lab.


Of course, pursuing Mr. E is no easy task. According to a trusted “intel”, Mr. E has a very sophisticated security/defense system called BLOOM which has been pivotal in his notoriety. If T.Y.M.E. Corp. wants to catch Mr. E, this would mean deactivating BLOOM first. The system deactivation process was described by the intel as a 6-tier process with each tier having a 4 digit code.


The tech department has been working nonstop to prep the gadgets for the top agents as well as silencing the alarm systems after the initial entry to Mr. E's lab. Unfortunately, all they can promise is 60 minutes. Can the agents successfully deactivate BLOOM on time OR will Mr. E slip out of their grasp once again?

Group size:

2-5 (Recommended 3-4)


6/10 (40% Escape Rate)

Project: home



We have received some detrimental timeline-altering information. Recently, we detected not just one, but three occurrences of "timeline-tampering" making this case a Category Five alert. There is clear evidence that these items have been carefully selected to maximize timeline destruction.

We are unsure why Mr. E wants to destroy this timeline, but we are sure that this could change the present as we know it. 


Unfortunately, we are unable to find the whereabouts of these items, and our guess is that they may have been contained in a very high-tech container that blocks their time track signals.


The only good news is that the last detected signal was located in his home, which we already have a portal to after escaping his Bloom Laboratory. Knowing this, HQ has decided to change your ongoing mission of pursuing Mr. E to acquiring intel on the whereabouts of this high-tech container.


To repeat, this is a high-stakes operation, and we we are requesting for you and your team to acquire information regarding the container no matter the cost. Best of luck.

Group size:

2-6 (Recommended 3-4)


8-9/10 (Escape Rate TBD)