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Our story begins with finding out about escape rooms from a family outing in 2016 (we ended up doing Aunt Edna's at Crux Escape Rooms, shoutout!!) and to be honest, I personally don't remember a single puzzle in the room but like most of you guys all I remember was the exhilarating feeling overall. I knew I was HOOKED!


A few weeks later, I managed to convince my friends to do one too and although we failed, THEY WERE HOOKED TOO!


We all knew there was something special about these Escape Rooms. The way it made us feel immersed & challenged and top of that we were doing it with people we love! It was a time to bond and get away from everything (especially phones!)


Months after, we've managed to complete almost 100+ rooms we said "Why not make our own?". So like almost every reckless young adults, we knew it's the perfect time to take risks and learn new things. We said let's go for it!


Weeks later, we found ourselves running a mini-escape room event and it confirmed everything we were thinking. We wanted to focus on challenging, enjoyable and most of all, logical puzzles that we found was lacking in some escape rooms.


The verbal feedback & positive reactions from our escapees was the last confirmation we needed before we went ahead with our plan.


The hardest part was location but after months of searching we found the perfect spot right in the heart of DOWNTOWN BURLINGTON. And months after we were fully operational. Now, we are full-fledged escape room owners learning more day-by-day and providing exciting night-outs to everyone!

- Charles



TL; DR - We're reckless young adults that got hooked on escape room adventures and ended up opening one with in the heart of downtown Burlington. We focus on logical puzzles and we enjoy seeing people have fun!

Meet The Team

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